Dreams Are Real

Muneera Parvin

"I was standing there in the mid of all the chaos and suffering.. In that barren and long stretched land, my eyes could see nothing but a environment filled with suffocating red gases.. I tried breathing but I realized m running out of it. I tried moving a bit. But my legs were heavy like mountain.

Then suddenly I heard a long shriek of suffering and pain filled voice. And the next moment the voice kept getting dense and dense.
I was helpless and clueless.. was trying to see if there is still a life.. But I got nothing..
I wanted to cry, but I was not able to...i wanted someone to help me out, but there was no life capable of doing that !!"
Then I felt something so soft like life, touching and caressing one of my hand... Something so soft like feather, something so sweet like peach...as if something is dragging me out of that hell, and with a long deep breath I woke up, and realized one of my hand is touching the beautiful little money plant kept by my bed side... Never before I admired that plant like d day it saved me frm that horror dream..

I felt grateful and thankful to God that it was just a dream... But soon after 3 months I found myself with mask, and a hand gloves...!!

If my Dream was Reality. The question is who will be the MoneyPlant..?

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