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Dreams are meant to last


The bell rang, Little Joe rushed to unlock the door
Who are you, she asked
I am ‘Dream’ ,Little Joe
I am sorry, I didn’t recognize you, have we ever met before?
I am the hope to success
The vision of every soul
When I am achieved by someone, half the battle is already won
But I feel sad to say that you have never wanted me

I actually don’t know what I can wish for, for I have no idea what’s written in my destiny
You will yourself have to figure out what you want to be
Will you please tell what all do others dream about to achieve?

What did George, the daily wager dreamt for, Little Joe asked
He wishes that his children do not have to live the same life he had to pass
Mr. Caesar dreams to be happy, you see
Why would he dream to be happy, he himself is the richest man of the city
Money can’t buy happiness for happiness is instinctive
It comes to those who are grateful for all what they had, have and will
Mother, the most selfless person on the planet dreams that all wishes of her children gets fulfilled

So now you tell, Joe, what you want to dream about?
Joe looked as if she still hadn’t figured it out
She said, ‘Mother says that poor don’t dream’
Because their reality can never be same as to what they dream to be
Mr. Dream made a stern face and pronounced-Dreams don’t have a range, they are limitless irrespective of the money in your bank accounts

What all do I need to do then to turn my dreams into reality, a curious Joe asked
You will have to honestly and regularly work for something you wish to accomplish
Dreams demand sweat and blood for them to become true
It will take time but you will make a go of it if you are genuine and persistent to reach your objective
And once my dream gets fulfilled, what will happen to it?
Dreams are meant to last one day, my child, Mr. Dream announced

And suddenly the little girl opened her eyes
As she got up that night to the dream she was seeing
She had to wake up
As dreams are meant to last
one day as Mr. Dream told her in the dream she was seeing.

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  • Wow. This was very nice.

    Vishnu Das

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