Rajeswari M C

Woke up to find one hexagram aside
Took my usual strides to the terrace .
As usual smiled the morning Sun
Orange and red , it coloured my spirit.
Dreams begone of the yesteryears
Came in a rush I sat to figure
Arrange derange those bits of hopes
Make a puzzle none can solve
Lest my brain goes rusting again.
Off I went ,making one.
Tough and complex for even men of genius .
The days of glory crawled back behind
Twirled around my legs it seemed
Filled with gist to reach for skies
Just to lift my nation high
That's my dream I hereby proclaim
Sterner louder firmer than before
Strings of violin so did play
In its own accord the music flown
Painted my day cleared my pride

Spotted one kite my neighbour helped soar
Saffron and white and green it is
Brimmed with life and songs of crores
Up it went with the dreams of lakhs
In a drive to make it come true
The smiles and hopes which it carries
Makes my life and that's my goal.
To spread smiles of my own people
To see my nation in between clouds
Shining its own rays of life.
Sharing the royal eternal power
For thy I live mom, you my life
Bharat is her name ,you know..

For you I dream..for you I live
For you my sweat is shed , my blood is made.
Relentless will I take you forward
Despite darkness stunting growth.
The wings of evil shall be cut
And banished from the face of earth..
Welcome the beautiful future that's near..
Embrace the changes made for love...
Oh my mother,
Your name shall be sung in pride with beats
Vibrant like the mighty tides
Your love shall be cherished with grace that paints
The empty canvas of thine own kids..
Love you love you..so much maaa..sings my heart , all day long....

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