Dream to Survive

Saurav Tiwari

Guess how my dreams look like?
Is it a sea facing villa, vacation in Miami,
a Red Ferrari or a Harley Davidson bike?
or is it followers on Instagram and tonnes of Facebook likes?
I'm poor, i don't see these dreams,
I'm girl, I'm not allowed to be in mainstream,
I'm in a place, where I can't expect much from Government scheme.
The frightful combination of these makes me scream.
Like a Roar, like a Beam, that reaches to the God like a Hymn.
So, I dream
for education, I dream for employment.
I dream to have a small house where i can stay permanent
cause it's always onerous living on Rent.
I dream to take my parents to the pilgrimage for which they are so ardent.
I dream to have a motorbike for my father who always saved money but never spent.
I DREAM TO SURVIVE, and I dream to fulfill my family's requirement.

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