Dream Right Up To The End

Sitharaam Jayakumar

I was a small child of eight,
and I was fascinated by engine drivers,
I dreamed of being one when I grew up,
driving the engine billowing black smoke,
chugging along and pulling the bogeys.
Five years later I was a young lad of thirteen,
this time I was in awe of airplanes flying high,
I dreamed of being a war pilot and flying in the sky,
high above in the clouds like a condor,
blazing away with guns and blowing up the enemy planes.
Yet again, when I was seventeen I wanted to be an engineer,
I passed the entrance exam and secured admission,
alas, I discovered too late in the day,
I did not want to work with blast furnaces making steel and iron,
then I decided I would do something else.
I was twenty three and I was beginning to lose hope,
that I would ever see any of my dreams come true,
I thought I was a glib talker and decided to be a seller,
I took to selling computers and telephones,
but alas I discovered I could not sell Whiskey to a drunk.
I was thirty and heard of computer programming,
I learned Cobol, Pascal, Fortran and Basic,
I worked for years telling the computer,
the things I wanted it to do and the things I didn't,
I did this for twenty five years and now I am fed up.
I am fifty two now but I still dare to dream,
of becoming a famous poet and writer one day,
I wrote this poem to tell the world,
of all that I wanted to do and I still want to do,
I hope I live my dream before I take my final bow.


  • You so will, bro ! So happy and proud of this ‘avataar’ of yours :)

  • You will. You have it in you…


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