Dream on Fire

Neenv Raju Akunuri

I had dreamt of the night, when the world only knew of the day. 
I yearned to touch the stars, dance in their sparkling aura and feel them glitter over me. 
As the sun shines brightly on me, the world ridiculed me for dreaming the impossible. 
While their mockery only seemed to fuel my desire, it also planted a seed of doubt in my mind. 
Oh, I could fight the world alright, I didn’t doubt that for a second but the constant battle within me ripped my soul apart. 
The sun had thousand reasons not to go down but I had needed only one for the darkness to set in.
As the sun disappears into the horizon, the world was at the brink of questioning their beliefs. 
Fearing the worst, they blamed me for the unknown, they drove me out of their haven they fondly called the society. 
With the lighters in their hands, they set out to stifle me, but it was my dream, my passion that had set me ablaze. 
When I couldn’t run from them any longer I knew it was do or die but I wasn’t the girl to give up without a fight. 
So as they watched me stand on the edge of the mountain, I take the torch and set myself on fire. 
They see me in flames, and as my body withered into dust, they head back to the place that only knew of their earthly lusts.
The fire dies down and all is still, but I am reborn from my ashes as a phoenix and soar high into sky, across the shimmering stars, shining like the sun. 
A little boy looks up at me, he tugs at his mother and smiles. Oh, look at that beauty, he says, let’s call it a shooting star.


  • Quite good for the legth, fuel your passion and I wish to see more.

    Sazid Mohammed
  • The picture grabbed my attention and the words touched my heart…Kamaal Ka choice hy…:-) proceed in Ur own way to shine…all d best…

    Humaya Shaik
  • I have read the other entries,you are clearly a class apart. Aakhir beti kiski ho!

    Santosh Kumari
  • Well done neenv. Fantastic. Wish you all the very best in your life.

    Meenakshi 31/01/2018
  • Wow what a language. Amazing play of words. Fantastic. Well done

    A V RAJU
  • An amazing depiction. Great choice of words… Well done Neenv!!!!

    Savitha Nair

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