Dream On

Pragadish Kirubakaran

And tonight, I choose to dream
Pin my hopes on to something,
I wistfully wait as the candle-wax falls 
Dancing in lustful unison to a song
That plays in the background,
Adding no purpose or joy.
The smell of stale smoke fills the room
So perfect for the night,
Like the aroma of liquor
Mixed with clementine cake
I sometimes get lost in the symphonies
Like a painting to its admirer,
My eyelids remain open, telling stories
Of which I wish I could make sense.
Because we rest easily amused, convinced that 
Life is based on innocence, then later regret it,
But sometimes the dream is mightier than the pen
And I'm not done dreaming yet.
This existence is deceiving
If you don't space out once in a while.


  • " This existence is deceiving
    If you don’t space out once in a while " a thought plucked right out of a beautiful brain,
    I love this.

    Hanan Ruqayya
  • Nice one, Dream never lets people sleep.

  • Lovely one Pragadish :)

  • Very nice. Would have admired by Abdul Kalam if he happened to see.

  • Nice imagery, the writing feels quaint even though there is an undertone of drear.. :3


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