Inderpreet Kaur

Dream to live a new life,
Dream to soar high like a falcon in the sky,
Dream to make the world a better place,
Dream to create your own space, in the human race.
Dream with the never ending hopes in the eyes,
Dream that dispel every farrago of the mind,
Dream that is determined to win every fight,
Dream to relish not to relinquish in life.
Dream is the first step to begin the game,
Dream to add feather in your cap;
Dream and believe in yourself,
Dream to be relentless.
Dream will bestow upon you grit and gumption,
Dream has the power to lead you towards the road to victory,
Dream is the fire within you to create history,
Dream to rise high.
Dream is the fuel that keeps you going,
Dream has the spirit to poison your sleep.
So, dare to dream,
Dare to believe;
Dare to live courageously,
Dare to fail before you succeed.
Dare to dream,
Because, each dream is like a twinkling star in the dark sky.
Tell thy soul, "Dare to Dream!!"
Never give up,
Dream to fly.


  • Very nice and so amazing. Keep it up with enthusiasm in a regular way. Move higher and higher and higher.

  • Absolutely amazing

    Rajmeet kaur

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