Drags of Desire


My thoughts were strapped across dead limbs,
Surging in the ebb and flow
Of skin and flesh.
They arise from beneath sheets in steam;
Dry bones- stone-cold with age.
Desires of my heart they ruffled
Which was still you, back then.
The only difference was that:
Desires cease to be desires
Once they are met.
Under the clink of a thousand crystals
We swayed and twirled,
Each with a different another
Connected across the Hall with just a glance!
Low-growls burning in the depths of those eyes
I desired a bit too much.
The fear was quite a thrill,
Weaving an unheard song
Into the stillness of the waning dusk.
Like the jagged rocks marred by the river
My mind swelled into a known pattern.
Arising from a storehouse of experiences-
An infinite world of speculation.
The damp smell of the wine
Struck a familiar chord,
Of digging a hole in the mud
Only to undo it again.
Methought, there was no point in caution
When the end road is uncertain.
Lukewarm contagion,
Skin on skin.
Melted into pretty smiles
Of lust and luxuries.
Between midnight and dawn,
When the terror of the Past
The chaos of the Future
Tremble and shatter.
And every other thought is engulfed-
Like freshly extinguished candles-
By the scent of lips, eyes, organs.
You held me in hard and sweet folds
In a timeless orchestra of existence,
Defying the undying epiphanies,
The tainted truth of deception and regrets.
The muffled smell of wooing and vowing
From the great Hall of courtship
Drifted through the walls like a distant dream.
Oh what joy in attainment there was!
The chase appeared a waste of time.
The afterglow of the sunset has now set sail into starry silence.
I have much to embrace-
Spectres of a chase,
Satiation, and nothingness.
In the shadowy breeze of dawn,
When the Moon still lingers in the sky,
I crave the jingles of that evening,
Whilst you seek the pulp beneath my skin.

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