Don't let your emotions, create a commotion


With each passing day,
why are you making yourself suffer so much
by burying all your emotions.

Deep down inside your heart,
don’t let your emotions create a commotion.

What is it that is bothering you my dear friend?
Is it more important than the agony that you are going through,
an agony leading to nothing but a dead end?

Are you afraid of the possibility of being judged?
But who, in the first place, gave others the authority to judge.
Don’t let the rotten minds affect you in any manner
Surpass all the odds, just keep avoiding the clutter

Is it the fear that your uncertain thoughts will be shunned?
Answer it back to them with sheer confidence,
without the worry of outcome, leaving no stone unturned.

Are you petrified that your feelings will be questioned?
Or, is it not wanting to risk your present relation,
even if it is at the cost of your own suppression?

But tell me, isn’t a confession always better than suffocation.
Consider it to be a clarification rather than a rejection.
Set yourself free from all your uncertainties
Let your love become your strength and not your insecurity

Is it the feeling of not being wanted?
Or, the dark illusion of not deserving anything
which you have self plotted.

Always remember, the unique personality that you are
Can never be molded or replaced
As they always say, things would have only been different
If you weren’t in this place.

Your results are just a matter of time and your fate
And, with your determinate efforts
you can always make it work
reach out to them with utmost patience
only to appreciate the fact
that it was worth the wait.

Pour out your thoughts once to your listeners & mates
Give them atleast one chance to hear you out
Which they deserve, before its too late
Things can be improved, things can be changed
Situations will never remain the same
And soon, you will realize
that your relations are actually a boon
which you once considered to be a bane.

Admittedly, expressing oneself is not easy
But, it’s definitely better than feeling queasy
Hiding your problems is not your panacea
Sharing them with your dearest is the best idea

It’s easier said than done, as they say
But, might as well try it out
because you never know
it may provide you your long desired way
Release yourself from your fear’s captivity
because sooner or later it may become your hostility

So, promise yourself that
you no longer will be a prisoner of your emotions
but will pour it out before it becomes a commotion.

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