Do you know me?

By Mridula Dua

I am a mystery, 
But I can also change history,
There is more to me, 
Than just what you choose to see,
I smile even when I can merely sigh,
Can you guess who am I ?

My story carry storms,
I don't want to follow the norms,
My journey is an eternal fight,
To pave way for rays of light,
My eyes tell beautiful lies,
Can you guess who am I ?

I can give birth to life,
It is on tears that I thrive,
I am a daughter, a mother, a sister too
Every colour of me is beautiful and true,
I smile when I badly want to cry,
Can you guess who am I ?

To know me is to feel my scars,
Looking beyond the man made bars,
I am the first rain drop,
An epitome of love, care and hope,
So, could you guess who am I ?
You guessed it right....I am a WOMAN

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  • A lovely poetry explaining a woman’s life.


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