Do sinners cry ?

Snigdha Munipally

We have been fighting hard to stand in the crowd
Anger and insecurities bonded to
Statements n surroundings in the virtue of humans, crushed upon 
The little life was living, no more upon.
Seems to be like my poisoning touch might fade others 
So here I carry, sack of memories to elope 
Elope into a whole new planet named thoughts. 
Where I struggle to breathe because of less oxygen,
and a huge amount of contamination of unanswered questions. 
Where my body shrinks losing hope in mind and a black hole created in the heart,
Sucking all the cursed parts of me and my soul. 
Ask me 
Where am "I", in MY world?
And surprisingly nowhere.
Whispered, the dark frozen heart.  
Hey hey hey! It's time for the show they screamed 
Light focused upon me 
I dust my dress 
Like last moment mess 
Passed my fingers through my hair,
Those curls were just imperfectly perfect. 
Here I rise upon my feet with an absolute bliss 
to show the world my best move
I take my first step and just then 
I was pulled behind.
Found invisible strings attached 
I panic, I giggle 
screamed for help 
N everyone left Laughing over my bleeding wounds 
Seems to be like happiness just kissed away.
And now, it's touch is majorly missing. 
"Do sinners cry ?", asked a foreign soul. 
I hassle while confessing, 
it felt as if every muscle of my body was tightening the lie and
Started moving in the reversed direction. 
Against the truth 
Against my will,
With my anger 
With my insecurities.
Yes! Sinners cry sinning 
 here I, curse the world to tear upon 
Just like my hopes 
And fears haunt them like scarecrows 
Let loneliness surrender around when in need
And Bend to your past just like I did 
Scream-scream high till tears dry 
I know! I know!
It's not me! I know it's just the sinner in me. 

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