Hamid Khan

Stray in the light of the moon
Simple as the dry lagoon
Is your fate, lifeless and pale
Helpless wanderer, collapse anytime soon
Winds took her away and she’s gone
The music of that Irish song
Is hauntingly cold and sad
To who do you now belong?
A poet’s belief is a dream
The voices that echo near the stream
Are vague and false as they seem
The silence shall continue to scream 
There’s gloom in the air and it shall stay
The smiles that reside in the month of May
Are an illusion, dreadful and morose
The universe is blindly turning grey
The wolves that howl loud in Serbia
The events of a lover’s hysteria
Are cursed and they collide with the world
No prayer can wreck this disturbia
The track that goes into the unknown
The heart that unwillingly stays alone
Is oblivion’s mighty symbol, yet without a soul
A tale of melancholic bliss, the truth will forever mourn
The woods. The fog. The wait.
Fade. Fade. Fade…

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