Maybe it's a facade

A truth told with utmost confidence

That angels do exist

The most beautiful of all

You know when you see one

With a halo on their head

And wings that take them everywhere

But he doesn't believe in them

Not now, not anymore

Because he thought he'd found one

When he first looked at her

The most beautiful of all

A halo over her head

He didn't see the wings, yet

And he didn't wonder

He was just happy to have her

An angel of his own

Now he found the wings

That she was hiding from the start

The wings that took her everywhere

Far from his heart

Maybe angels never existed

And it’s all that the Devil wanted

People believing in angels

And putting their boundaries down

For some love in this mean world

Waiting for an angel to come

With halo and the wings

Little did they know

It's the Devil, pulling the best disguise.


  • Beautifully penned πŸ’œ
    Looking forward to see more of your work

  • Just too beautiful! 😍

    Mayur Garg
  • This is a very nice poem. Love how you bring out the heartache through the devil in disguise. The anger stage of our grief is described very well. Please continue writing.

  • Congratulations on your first little brother!! πŸŽ‰
    Hope to see your other works also!

  • Deeper than my thoughts!
    Awesome work!
    Hope to read more from you!

    Anchala Bansal

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