Japneet Kour

"Women are silhouettes packed in a hard surface of dreams."
I have been loved and left to my escape.I have been misunderstood and left on the lines which never met.I have been tried to act my way out silently.I have been set aside as a question to humanity.I have been asked to stay silent when my emotions were welling up to come out.

I have been rescued by my own fears.I have leaned out to destiny at the level when it was almost uncontrollable.The facts and figures have just juggled me and left me to unanswered questions.

I have been questioned of my own conformity if it ever exists.I have been asked to put myself align when I almost did it.I have been encountered to statements about my space .

I have been underestimated in engaging with raging out wars between people.I have been lied about my position and the love I always had for humanity.

But today it feels like these happenings have aired me enough to rise up from my own understatement which was famous.I have more tightly clenched the life.

I have gained the confidence to say that I dwell in peace which comes from my love.I have though been part of some unknown events but today I am filled with this never ending nectar which is noble in cause.

I love my life and that is the only legacy I want to leave behind.

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  • Very beautifully saidand well written proud of you a deep thinker god blessyoy


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