Different or Same?

By Naman Suroya

Why is it always him and her?
There are other shades of the same color,
Will Adam always want Eve,
What if his heart beats for Steve.
Lesbian, gay, faggot , whatever you say
May you see the bigger picture one day
That deep inside we all are the same
Just different players of one game
And my friend, if you are one of them
You are none less than a proud gem
Rejections won't do any harm to you and me
Just all be humane inside, that's all i plea.


  • He is Naman Bhaiya for a reason.

  • Wohooa?.. Playing wid colors.now palying wid words.. What’s next? Han.. ???♥.. Perfect piece!

  • Thank u guys ❤️

    Naman suroya
  • Awesome!!! Simple yet bold! Beautifully depicted the message ?…. great job!

    Nainsheet Kaur
  • Beautifully written. The innocence of this writeup is so genuine that it gets to the reader.
    Kudos to the writer.

    Jaisel Gaurav
  • Intense poem, offers a deep positive perspective to LGBT rights. Your writing is simple yet powerful.

    Keshav Kumar

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