Did you let someone into your skin? (and 9 other questions)

Tasneem Kagalwalla

Did you let someone into your skin?
Let them love you from inside out

Did they then burn holes in your soul?
Stabbed, you bled in places unknown

Did they leave you with scars unseen?
Screaming, they yet remain unheard


Did you hate yourself this much?
For loving them as much


Did they break you into pieces?
When they left you there shattered


Did you pick yourself up?
Only to find you have missing pieces


Did it change you?
Making peace with what remains


Did you love the new you?
Parts of you, you thought you never had


Did you learn a lesson?
Fearless, did you walk out flawless?


Then my friend, nice to meet you -
For that makes two of us.

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