Pragya Bharti

Being emotional shows the sensitive side of humans which is also important for social life and to live. But sometimes , when emotions become uncontrollable, it can be destructive. When Mind doesn't want to accept the cons side of situation , it arugues against everything ,it hurts ,it becomes painful to the level that it can be seen through changing behaviour of the person. He or she starts sink themselves into all those activities which gives them temporarily relief from that pain. Moment comes when mind start losing the ability of proper thinking and hopes which could be fatal and suicidal .

Suppose a boy likes his one of a friend and asks her but she refused ..
A guy whose aim is cracking competitive exam but didn't pass..
A person who is being ignored in the group or in friends due to any reason.,
what happens!! If person is not emotionally stable enough ,but still want to hide their pain and to get some relief from it ,starts drinking , smoking which is temporary relief .
These things make them forget their pain for time being and slowly then it becomes addiction. Now they can't think to live without alcohol ,or cigarette or other drugs . Very few but when someone get deep hurt emotionally ,it makes him depressed which can be visualise in his behaviour .

Today in the era of competition , fashion and social media ( likes,etc which is being misuse more as show off) when, if anyone is not updated or little slow in these firms ,it is seen as not smart enough though they know that he is more talented than them ,more intelligent than them .
In school, colleges peer pressure has become strong reason behind get addicted to destructive habits and spoil their health. I myself have experience of that when your mostly batchmates enjoy late night parties, cigarettes ,they don't see it as bad things but being sarcastic over those who don't like it or not their lifestyle .In this situation someone may be affected and try to update themselves with those which is not right .

So, these addiction , depression should be closely observed. If any near and dear is suffering from these which is self destructive habits can be seen in their behaviour ,in their talks .
Like affected person
*Would cry suddenly without saying something ,
*He could feel hopeless towards life , *He could start taking alcohol more than before ,
*Not eating properly ,
*Seems sad always but smiling outside
These can be observed by anyone who know them. Sometimes they could feel so much saffocated that he can't even share feelings with someone. Then it becomes their loved ones responsibility to not make them feel alone but to love them , making memories ,hug them , and importantly just listen them .
I can say this because in some point of life everyone feels depressive ,me too, then it feels like need someone who just listen to me without judging.

Most importantly prevention is better than cure, no one wants to suffer these mental and emotional complications ,so we have to make our mindset and emotions stable .
We need to love ownself more ,try to understand our thought process and be creative ,these things empower the individual and maye more confident .
Otherwise meditation and yoga are the major plus for healthy and peace ful life.

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