Destructive Construction of Reality

Kashish Sharma 

I live inside my own mind,
And call myself the King of the universe.
It is a boon to me; others call it a curse.
I voluntarily distort my reality,
When life starts getting worse.

To far magical lands I traverse,
With my superpower, with the noblest; I converse.
A dream so real and diverse;
Where every day I immerse.

But never does glee; come to anyone for free.
Every time I dream; with reality I reimburse.
To reality so strongly I averse,
That I ignore the outcomes so adverse,
Whilst, I drive my own hearse and continue to excurse.

My mind so perverse; I let it coerce.
Coerce me into thinking that,
If I live in my thoughts only then I can let myself uncurse.
Believing that my life would be a heroic verse.
Even though I know, my kingdom of thoughts is nothing, but a self-imposed curse.


  • Very well written, keep it up

    Anagha Menon
  • Very nicely thought-out 👍 writing too👌

    Parmeswar Menon
  • Thought provoking

  • Very nice & expressions are great

  • Very nice & expressions are great

  • wow bahut khub express kiya hai

    Mrs.Rama Naik
  • Deep thoughts and feelings expressed in simple language.

    Surekha J Sharma

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