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Demons Dance in the Darkness

Aakanksha Raina

I shriek,
I scream,
but my voice
doesn’t reach your ears,
I guess they are sealed.
Curled up in a corner,
with my legs near my chest,
I cry in the darkness,
in a complete state of unrest.
I’m not alone, no,
but it isn’t you that’s beside me,
my anxiety,
my demon snickering high,
above me; my chest hurts,
so bad, I feel,
like it’ll explode if
I don’t hold on to it,
so I clutch,
clutch it tight,
trying desperately to keep
myself in one piece;
the demon’s friends just showed up,
there are more of them now,
each, more evil than the other.
I don’t know if I can
hold it much longer,
this pain,
it’s blinding,
as they tower above me,
laughing, teasing,
playing with my sanity.
I’m losing myself now,
I pull my hair,
my eyes wide,
vision blurred, frantic,
I clench my teeth,
with no where to run,
I let out, one good shout,
and drown,
drown into a deep abyss.


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