I knew it when I saw you,
My eyes stuck to yours like glue, 
The depths of misery in your eye's hue, 
Trust me if only I had a clue.

Tell me have you ever been in the eye of a storm? 
Well I have. There you would see things transform. 
That gentle little drops of the rain you feel on a drizzle, 
Will transform into prickling shards,
Hands of the loved ones pampering you  start to burn with a sizzle. 
On the table the grim stares from the deck of the cards.

Well that's how I define looking into the devil's eyes.
I pray to God to make me blind, 
For I can't look away I am bind. 
I try with all my might to close my eyes, 
But to me the devil's eyes chastise.

I open my eyes, face covered in sweat, I breath a sigh of relief. 
But again in a wink do I realize and am struck with grief. 
"That" I tell myself "that wasn't a dream".

Those very eyes scrutinize me, 
Right in front of me I see, 
A mirror. 
My reflection. 
My misery. 
My eyes. 
No, My devil eyes.
The devil itself. 
I recognize it as the demons within me.

Well am I the only one?  
Look into your own reflection..

All mortals have their own demons. 
Self doubt. 
All deadly and devilish. 
We all fight them everyday. 
As long as we live we are in this combat. 
A battle against our own demons. 
Where your body is the battle field.


  • Beautiful!!

    Aahna Jain
  • This is fantabulous!!! What a crisp in your thoughts!!! You are living truely to our family name, JADE!!!!

    Prajyot Jade
  • Great, beautiful

    Shailesh Thakur
  • Great,Superb. Keep it up

    Mahesh Munj
  • Love the way the twist came up! And, amazing closing line!!!

    Akshita Pareek

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