Delhi and Lahore

By Zeenat Iqbal hakimjee

Possessed by the devil,
I strode out to do evil,
With enmity written large on my face,
Somebody has to be clad in deaths embrace,
Just yesterday a child became an orphan,
And a son was worried by his soldier fathers hospital bills burden,
The fetters if depression behold the city,
Where everyday soldiers embrace death eternity
Delhi, Lahore of yore,
Will not surface,
Until there is control over the double barrel bore.

About the Poet

This is zeenat Iqbal hakimjee and this is my story. I’m married with children and grandchildren. The first ten years of married life have teething problems, who doesn’t. It’s a very difficult task to become a mother because you’re responsible for another life especially when it’s your own child. These jobs are without any charge and sometimes you feel what the heck I deserve more and you set out trying to make it in this world. I did it by writing stories and poems and later on recipes which were heirlooms from my ma, ma in law and aunts. Thank God I was successful and my writings and videos/audios were recognised. In Pakistan where there’s the greatest scope because here juniors really respect seniors there’s no parallel elsewhere and the juniors promote the seniors work. This achievement motivates you to do better in your home 🏠 front and you don’t feel taken for granted. I hope my story is an inspiration for other womenfolk who shouldn’t lose heart because indeed our country is full of potential. Thanks
And last but not the least we’re a God fearing nation and faith in God pays dividends there’s no two sides to this.


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