Dear You

Dear You
Why do we hurt ourselves
When we can so easily fall in love with each other?
On some days you go out with your mouth painted red
A red that your heart drips because it's got
All this love but nobody to give it to
And on some days you're just a reflection
In the mirror, wondering, just wondering
If the "one day" is any closer. 
Dear You
I hate you for not being able to get the time right
And not being able to fall in love when
It was right there in front of you
And instead fall when all that is in front of you
Is this void where you've fallen before
And you can't find a way out of?
Dear You
I love you for being the person who wishes
The best for all, the best
Even for people who hurt you but when will you
Stop thinking about others and start
Thinking about what's good for you?
Dear You
We roam the streets of this beautiful city falling
In love with the lights that look brighter
When you walk alone and 
We see beauty in things that don't look beautiful to others
Like the way the jewelry in this shop reminds you of
The vessel in which Naani used to make Chai when
She used to move out of her bed
Like the way the women wearing Mekhla Sadars and 
The little girls in their new dresses that
Have vivid colours remind you of the new oil pastel
Box that your mother bought you for your first art class.
Dear You
You dream of lovers and love and dance and secrets
But when was the last time you loved and received love and danced and had a secret
Because I don't remember, do you?
Dear You
You wrap that scarf around your neck like it's
The only thing holding you together
But do you tell people that scarves
Were something you never wore because your
Mother wore them and you weren't your mother
But now you wear them because
You try to be good for her by being her?
Dear You
You are more than a pretty girl with the
Perfect eyes and the cigarette that you occasionally smoke
You are more than that picture you take
You are a miracle
You are You.

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  • Simply Beautiful 😍

    Stuti Agnihotri

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