Dear Dream

Khyati Rishi

You came to me when I was most vulnerable,

like a hero, your entry was quite appreciable.

You came as a soft glow of light

that grew and grew and felt so right!

You took me by my hand and we flew.

It was a roller coaster that went as deep as the ocean blue,

and as high as the roads to heaven.

Yet as I try to remember your face, it comes to my mind misshapen.

Maybe it's because you kept changing form,

or because you were never the same from

the last I met you,

and still, I would always await you.

It was never out of love or hate,

but simply because you opened my mind's gates.

You examined it freely and I was at your disposal,

you made me say "yes" to your every proposal.

You made me feel what I thought was not possible,

you made me weak and as useless as a crumpled paper, toss-able.

In one moment it was sheer bliss, and in another I was exhausted,

in yet another I was terrified and trapped and then as cold as an icicle, frosted.

You killed me quite a lot of times,

yet I embraced you with open arms the next time.

On the nights you didn't visit,

every little sound made me go, "is it..?"

I would never blame you for whatever you did to me,

but surely you knew how it felt to be in place of me?

I have never seen anyone quite like you yet,

though you would've hundreds like me met.

I know you would haunt me for the rest of my life,

it's your job after all, being so sweet and then stab a knife.

What bothers me the most is, though,

that I was the one who made your soul.

Should I be held guilty for this crime?

But is this fault really mine?

All good things need a bad companion, right?

Otherwise how will they become good in everyone's sight?

Tonight again as I wait for you to come to me,

I wonder if this is what was thought by Almighty,

when busy creating uncontrollably,

this world so mysterious, or was it all unknowingly?

Because surely there is more yin than yang,

and all of a sudden my thoughts are interrupted by your entry with a bang!

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