Dear Diary

 By Shambhavi Agrawal 

It's not something that i can share
But a precious thing to keep with care
It was one of those moment
Where life was full of enjoyment
An eternity full of contentment
It was more than any dream's fulfilment
We were on our enthusiastic side
It all started with a scooty ride
Blowing in the weather was chilled breeze
We were all each other's strength keys
My hair was busy talking to the wind
Before this moment finishes in a blink
Down the dusty road we went
A lovely moment in the town we spent
We passed several bridges and reservoir
Perfectly rhythmic as a Christmas choir
It was when I looked through the other end
Life is imperfectly perfect with true friends
I don't want to be a millennium
But a life full of such delirium
Even after we are away
I want such moments again I swear
It's the best of my life's part
A day locked up in my heart
I want to scribble a lot of thing
To make it eternal through my ink


  • Thnku so much for reading my poem and giving such lovely comments….:)

    Shambhavi Agrawal
  • There s a nostalgic beauty in your words……keep up

    Riya Dua
  • The poem says a lot about the clarity and optimism you carry within yourself. Keep writing 😄

    Varsha Mishra
  • It’s lovely!

  • Beautifully written! Painting a picture with every detail!

    Aparajita Mukherjee
  • Just wow!!! Every word of the poem is perfect… keep it up

    Hariyali agrawal
  • Wow it touched my heart.. became nostalgic..😊

    Tripti agarwal
  • Absolutely beautiful,
    Keep it up 👍👌👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Beautiful 💕

    Shiney E. Miracula
  • Short & sweet!

  • Oh that’s felt so deep ❤️

    Mahima Agrawal
  • Hit home, put smile on your face

    Diksha Prashar
  • This was so cathartic and heartfelt, I loved it


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