Dear Diary

By Riddhi Tripathi

I saw people protesting out on the roads today,

Unified like I have personally never seen before,

There were somethings I wish I could tell,

To all those protesting today.

This is to my fellow citizens, friends and family,

When you step out today,

Don’t just make a mark for yourself,

Do it for the girl,

Who was raped yesterday,

Her father carried her on his back,

All the way to the hospital.

Do it for the man of the house,

Who had a huge loss this year,

And can’t afford his kids education and food anymore.

Do it for the young boy,

Who lives in Arunachal Pradesh,

With fear in his eyes, that his land,

Soon will be encroached upon by the Chinese military.

Do it for the honest policeman,

Who was martyred,

while protecting from the unruly and haze mob,

Your brother and my sister.

Do it for the government job aspirant,

Whose results have been withheld for two years,

And he has surpassed the age limit,

He fears uncertainty, unsure what his future holds for him.

Do it for that farmer,

Who committed suicide last month,

Because he couldn’t provide,

A good dowry for his daughters wedding,

Do it for you,

Do it for me,

Because we deserve better,

While you are there at it,

Fighting for your own rights,

Don’t forget that tranquility and peace,

Are what makes us humans,

And violence has never in the history of humanity,

Brought any good ever,

Let non violence be our weapon,

We shall stand united forevermore.



  • It is more than just a poem. It is a humble pleading and a strict warning. It is moving.

    Namrata Chand
  • Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate your comments.

  • Intense ✌️

    Shiney E. Miracula
  • It left me in deep thoughts!

  • I loved this poem


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