Dear Beloved

By Nivedita Baraily

"If you let me I will cover you in hurricanes,
If you let me I will embrace you in rain.
If you let me I will stand tall against the sun,
If you let me I will enclasp you when ice-cold,
If you let me I will be there in all seasons,
If you let me I will do that over, over and over again."


  • Beautiful poetry! Loved it ❤

  • Lovely and beautiful ?
    So much talented hah!

    Happy Roy
  • this was really heart touching ☆keep going ♡

    Ankita Dutta
  • This one is Best ❤…. Keep it up…!!!

  • Wow it’s great !!! Keep it up & waiting for the next one.. !!

    Ranabir saha & pakhee
  • Lovely.

  • It summarizes everything… yet leaves space for more…It’s beautiful ?

    Kahini Dutta
  • Love is like the air and u spread it in this ❤ poem. Very nice…..Keep it up?

    Abhijeet Verma
  • Beautifully wrapped up. Keep up the good work ?

    Mohammad Riaz Ghauri
  • Thank you so much Bhavya Sinha ???

    Nivedita Baraily
  • She / he definitely would ❤ keep writing, it’s really nice :)

    Bhavya Sinha

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