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Dazed Rendezvous (EROTICA)

Varad Tewari

Walk with me slowly, into the silence of the night
My esurient throne awaits your lambent vivacity;
Let your eyes adorn, the satin, like I seek
While I unclasp the hooks, that captivate your yearnings.

Tonight I etch my proses , on your undraped canvas
Words of which, my tongue embellishes ;from your malicious curves
To your deepest territories; unexplored and waiting,
For my ink to reach your inconspicuous crevices

As I unearth your rifts, your body demands my spells
Hands lead astray to the tenderness, enamoured by my sorcery.
You open dimensions, which the linens can’t hold
So I shackle down your wrists, to liberate your soul

The moon tarnishes, to resound the night, with our darkest fantasies.
Hawsers embrace your wrists, while my hands strife your neck
And our bodies strike the flints,
To start a flame, that burns us down;

Piqued emotions, mist your Ranunculus,
Through my razor sharp tongue
And I sip you down to the last drop
Of your Elixir, birthed to sedate my soul with your amatory hankerings;

You unzip my ferocity, with your imprisoned hands
And I claim your fruiting cherries
My stalk prods, through your exudations into your multiverse
As I begin my gentle strokes, to paint your soul

Pace slow like jazz, hearbeats faster than the invigorating salsa
Your nails in my flesh, heal me, not maul
Your panting moans, whisper the musings of our love,
And I conquer the deepest parts of you.

I control the rhythm of our sequestered dance; arcane and playful,
And your mesial levitates, with each vivifying thump.
We reach the zenith of our apocalypse, and your flower;
Erupts it's nectar on my hardened amber, gushing;

Our souls liquidate in the warmth of our bodies
Galvanised into one, nude more by emotions less by fabrics
Devilish, carnal, mischievous fetishes, all sanctifying the prudence
By the vermilion on your forehead that kisses the nuptial of my chest,
You own my throne.


  • The word-play by Varad Tewari is as subtle as the wonderful elicitation of emotions.

    I was dazed with this kind of literary rendezvous!

  • Fabulous creativity with surreal expressive style to depict something so known yet taboo to talk for all.
    Each word, wisely chosen and woven beautifully.

    Anushka Tewari

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