Darling, You Choose!

Pooja Narawade

“She is with a new guy, every time I see her. How could you just get friends with a random guy you barely know?!”
“Weren’t you the topper at school? Why did you choose this field then? Girls shouldn’t get here, dear.”

Between all the chaos, I hear my heart whisper, “You are beautiful, strong and compassionate. You are mis-wanting the world to be fair. And it takes great courage to show the vulnerable side of being human, of being yourself.”
People say things and will keep saying, through every walk of life. No matter how well or worse you do!
But darling, “You” choose.
You choose to admire the silver lining over getting lost in the overpowering dark clouds. You deserve the world because you can change it, for yourself.
What is only holding you back is your mind, which carries unhealthy beliefs. One, about your own self and the other, about the world.
Believe in the fact that you are a masterpiece, with the eternal power to create magic. Your dreams wish the best version of you and your actions constantly lift you above, despite odds.
Surround yourself with people who engage in simply bringing out the real self in each other, growing each time.
The world believes in the hypothetical concept of ideal self. But the version of you created in people’s mind is not your responsibility.

The mind has this annoying feature. It does not think in terms of absolutes. It keeps judging with respect to reference points, mostly the wrong ones, ultimately leading to self doubt. Where the silver medalist gets unhappy over the 2 seconds which made him lose his gold, the bronze medalist is grateful for the difference of a few seconds which atleast brought him to the winner’s list. When “You” can choose a reasonable reference point for yourself, why not choose the one which makes you happy, the one which encourages you, overlooking all the criticism?!
The next time, the world nudges you, or even the slightest thought pops up in your mind, just close your eyes and breathe. Take a moment for yourself and ask, “Why am I doing this? Is this what would bring me peace?”
And if the negative thought of what the rest of the world may think, seems dominant, question yourself- “Will this really matter in the next one year or even a week?”
It is either acceptance of the situation and evolving or remaining stuck and regretting, later. Because what people say is a reflection of them, not you. And You Matter!

Refocus. Create your own space. Perspectives will change. Keep your head high and walk through the storm, working on yourself and dodging negativity.
So darling, it’s a clear choice! Would you rethink about what people will say or just seek your purpose and set your inner soul free?

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