Parul Sharma

There is comfort and love, kindness that you cannot believe,

Altruism of another realm, and warmth too, if only you are ready to receive.


Dear love, just hold on, for your fears are only a mirage,

My vision for us is beyond large.


For with you, forever is too short
that is why my love, i feel utterly distraught

For every second that you are mine,

Is like a lifetime,


But a lifetime with you is far too less,

To thank your beautiful heart for loving such a mess,


When i hold you near me,

I only wish that you could see,


See through my eyes and it would all be so clear
your beauty reflected in my tear.

Your rhythm reflected in my voice,
us getting lost in that lovely white noise.

It is surreal to be swayed by the sound of someone's name,
how someone's radiance, can put candles to shame,

How someone's touch can make ripples on the skin,
How someone's scent can make the head swim.

Darling a lifetime is not enough but I will do my best,

From today I am on a quest,

To remind you everyday of how fortunate is my fate,
to have found the perfect mate.



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