Chandana  M

Every bright thing has a shadow
Every smiling face has a sorrow
People see still water clear
But the impurities lie deep sown in the bed adhere

While the world is in the search of spark in me
I favor the secret darkside in me
For dreams more true than reality
Imperfections are way better than idealty

For they give me a ray of hope
Enhancing my ability to cope
With this flattering colorful world
Reckoning my darkside a better side twirled

How far can one stay poised?
Where a pure river gets disturbed as if poisoned
Darkside O Darkside ,you are my teacher
You are the only one who never grumbles at my anger

Overthinking makes me seem psychotic!
But it saves me from situations chaotic
It makes my darkside raw,true and realistic
Along with my intuition which makes me seem alienistic

Zombie,psycho along with alien seems to perfectly describe me
But what a pity! oh world! your words are never enough to describe the real angel in me
Dear darkside ,Thank you
For awakening the warrior in me and protecting my innocent angel who is forever grateful to you!!

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