Darkness Lends A Helping Hand

Meghana Joseph

Seeing the world through your tear filled eyes
Unable to express yourself
your voice is being protected in your voice box
Where its safe
And no one will judge it
Your hope is frail and lost
All you see is a deserted world
Dry and stale
There is no hand to grab
To pull you out of this vortex of sadness
You loathe in self pity

In this dreary world you drag yourself to get out of bed
Trying to bear the monotony of each minute
Everything is ceased since your heart is pumping fear
Fear to be yourself
Fear of loving yourself
You no longer want to nurture your free spirit
Because of the fear of someone stomping it

Your “solution” of self destruction comes in stages
Each stage takes a piece of your shattered spirit
You try to put a brave front
But your armour has been ripped off
Darkness acts as a catalyst
To go closer to the rounded rope
Which is left hanging loose
Ready to catch the next prey
The dumps seems like a comfortable place
To rest your head with loneliness as your blanket
Your broken dreams are going to be another souvenir
To be displayed on the mantle of regret

The needle of depression stabs at the right places
Removing even the small bits of confidence
Your body takes to the “invisible protocol”
Your head now drops as it daringly takes each step
Your shoulders …shrugged with shame
Your eyelids as windows remain shut
To shield you from your reflection
Pain is the routine check for you
It takes over your frail hopeless body

Your mind in a frenzy searches for dopamine
Unveiling in the form of colourful pills and bottles
With every bottle, you soul finds escape
And every high churns any fantasy into reality
Soon your helpless soul is a victim for another symbiote.….ADDICTION
What was a growing and helping relationship turned into a parasitic one
And then the day finally arrives
The tombstone is picked and the grave is dug
To bury the last remaining part of all of what is left

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