Dark Walk Towards Wonder

Adya A. Srivastava

"A narrow road
That mild fall cold
Something that hit both in a glare
That treasured meaningless Convo, down the stairs 
Serene magic; merely walking  
Exploding colours within; yet gently talking
Fumes of distress, that smile blew off
Intruder right into the eye, and built a new abode 
Like  tiny drops of heaven, voices music-like 
Some confidence gained, from trust excavated deep inside
A dream for one, for other a beginning 
Hope the faith sustains, and the fearless gaze is worth waiting."


  • This was beautiful :‘) I’m dazed.

    Riya Singh
  • Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • Thank you so much everyone! Its an honour when other poets like your work :)

    Adya Srivastava
  • Grt work adya… Its amazing…

    Paras barsaiya..
  • I loved the poem ?

  • I really loved how you ended the poem with the hope intertwined with faith that every person who falls in love must have. Amazing way to portray the heart with words.


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