Dare to Fall Again

Dr. Aarush Deora 

Falling in love was red 
Her luscious lips quivering
On the velvety horizon 
That became her voice. 
Falling in love was sudden 
Fighting time in its own backyard
And then slow, 
hovering a heartspace above 
And a heartbeat below 
The moment that would hang 
For eternities intact
In our hearts entwined. 
Falling in love was like breathing 
The air left warm in her wake 
Then smiling 
Without reasons while it still rains
O'er the blossoming orchids
And the roses so scarlet 
That soothing memory
Now forever irrigates. 
It was a dream 
Within the dream I dared to nurse 
Down at the very bottom 
Of the last drink we shared 
Swirling yet with bated breaths 
Two hearts do still sing 
Unafraid of their own madness
Untethered of all logic and reason
Within the confines of loss, 
And we may yet learn again 
That single entrenched memory 
That blossoms in our garden 
Of togetherness
In the courtyard that we may have 
Dared vacate 
The song can still be heard 
How falling in love 
Was the highest my heart 
Could have ever risen. 


  • English poetry needs fineness and every verse in your poetry defines it .
    Looking forward to read more of your work

  • That is a beautiful piece. Especially, the last four lines are the best way to describe the four letter emotion. Congratulations!


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