Crowd With A Shroud

By Shruti Vyas
Tears and heartache,
Forceful wiping off,
Disheartened smiling on,
And living with a will to live nomore,
While i was going through a downfall,
They stood laughing,
I wondered who were they,
Do you know ?
Of course you do,
They being one of you,
Confining me in an eerie emptiness,
Making my world a dark shadowed hue,
But i could still see you through,
Pestering around, gesturing behind,
For there was nobody who was kind,
And turbulence was within and around,
I wish i could rewind,
Those memories of mine,
And play them one more time,
For you to believe,
That it wasn't they but i,
Who was being shattered and pestered,
But still capable of standing,
Surrounded by the rambling crowd,
As if they were readying a shroud,
Again for another soul,
So that this crowd,
With a shroud,
Adds to one more.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


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  • Such beautiful presentation of pain. Such images. I’m so proud of you, Shruti.


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