Coming out of the closet

By Pulkit Goyal

Being orthodox
Living in the 21st century,
Yet We are so afraid to escape the confines of our little box, we call culture
Which apparently necessitates us to accept and demand dowry
What follows now, is everything that I believe to be wrong with this country

Homosexuality is a myth,
With no education in school for this,
Undue pressure from the Society forces the children to accept it

we lecture our girls to sit better and to dress decent all the time
We don't even allow them to go out at night
But on the other hand, why don't we ever teach our boys to look straight and to do what's right

this society reeks of misogyny
Because it is made up of misogynists

And still, despite all attempts that a girl makes to not be mistaken for asking for it
The one defamed 
post rape 
remains she,
Eve teasing still runs rampant
a rapist under eighteen still runs free

We are intolerant
Why are you guys still quiet, go ahead and riot to prove me right
But you won't do the same for a damned campaign on women's sexual rights

In a country with poverty, illiteracy
Where families struggle to make ends meet
I think, it's about time we stop discussing
Wether it's acceptable to eat beef

This all is just the tip of the iceberg
Remember the LGBTQ after 70 years of Independence are still waiting in line to be recognized
It is our duty as the citizens of this great nation
To help them in their conquest for rights

Anyone who is opposed to this,
Feed me im hungry for legible logic
This is not just their fight alone
All of us need to bring India out of the closet

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  • The poem touched the soul!!

    Akshay Anand

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