By अditi Shukla



and numb 

I was standing still 

At the door , 

Eyes still 

Trying to 

Figure out 

How my world 

Turned upside down.

Like in what ways 

Should I console myself 

That you are no more here 

And why did you 

left so soon

And us so alone ? 

And now 

My eyes are flooded 

With memories and 

Heart heavy with 

Tons of guilts , that 

Your eyes must have 

Looked for me in pain 

Your throat must have 

Called out my name 

And now I regret 

Why I missed 

your painfull scream ! 

The void inside and outside 

gives me chills 

And reminds me of 

Your smile when we 

Met for the last time . 

And now when 

I sit back quite and still 

your brotherly shoulder is 

what I miss . 

I hope you’ll pardon me 

For not being around  you 

when you really 

wanted me to be

I hope all this was 

Just a silly dream 

But sooner or later 

I have to accept 

You left us all alone !


This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


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  • well penned!

    M S Mahawar

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