Choices and Healing


By Sakshi Arya

My only attempt to heal;

comes from the realisation that,

P a i n  is important to be endured.


It makes me suffer,

while also allows me

time to heal.


It has a capacity to secure

e v e r y t h i n g;

everyone who hurt,

within memory walls.


         Secured and Imbued.

         They stay forever.


It’s not about building hatred,

but about preventing loss.

         Of a bitter past.

         One which gave so much courage.


Now it needs  p r e v e n t i o n,

Rather than left alone, to fade.


So much hatred,

that taught me

how to  L o v e.

         In the purest way.


         And, those loves,

         I need to keep safe.

Cos I won’t be able to live without them,

without remembering,

how they made me what I am.


It’s my possessiveness,

which doesn’t allow me to give them away,

to those vultures, to be swallowed whole.

         Just as they gave me off,

         when time was different,

          and apathetic and way dark.


  • not giving up on healing





  • I love your writing ❤️

  • Deep words

    Soumyam Sharan

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