At sunrise, in that pretty place of dunes,

I saw something.

I saw there, 
…little girls rushing out, and gathering around the well to collect water.

Innocent and sweet, they were and, 
nothing bothered them…But, who knew what their future would be?

The society, turned their biggest enemy, yet I saw there, 
…Hope in their eyes, from the same society they lived in.

Their price was high, unfortunately, 
than the ration they were supposed to buy…

I saw there, love in their eyes.

…They had love for the same family which raised these happy souls,

But which deprived them of holistic knowledge too. Their love was not calculated against the costs they beared,

so they were sold, and sold happily at a fair price.

She had to go, leave her family and heart, 
without uttering a word from her mouth, 
but expressing many with her eyes…They always knew -
“They have no choice,”
Even if they please.

But, didn’t the child in these little hearts get sacrificed?

 Were those tears they had in their eyes, of happiness?

Were some feelings hidden behind that veil or inside their malleable heart?

Did that red colour of their veil signify a new start or breaking a child's heart?

Now she lives with yet another hope as a mother...

A hope from another soul,

from another impeccable childhood.


  • U are amazingly talented Simran.

    Very beautiful and very well expressed
  • Really nice poem 😍

    Somya Srivastav

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