By Bhavya Gupta

Never had I felt so awful,
So embittered and resentful.
Yeah, its because of you!
You did it! Like a mouthful chew.
Severing every part of my heart,
You broke it, with a tart.
I had believed you,
Trusted you, but you broke it without cue.
Trusting you, turned out to be my biggest mistake,
Capturing my soul, like a cake.
Running your bare feet,
On my naïve figure, you cheat.
Now, it is dead,
Just a skin is left,
Tormented by you,
I turned into heartless rue.
Showing less but caring more,
For all the close people, I tore,
Not showing the real me,
Locking my tiny heart, with a key.
I took a pledge,
To keep it caged.
Here it is today, behind the bars,
Taking pleasure in broken stars


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Just one word, “Mesmerizing”.


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