Chapati And Sabji

By Adrian Lyngwa
The soft chapati swells on the searing tawa, as her flour-laden hand reaches for it,
And serves the ravenous boy standing beside her on a white porcelain plate,
"Careful Ba, it's hot, let it cool down a bit.",
"Quickly give me some of that bhendi sabji too Ma, Doraemon must've started, I can't wait!",
"Tikh hai tikh hai.",she places the sabji next to the chapati with a smile on her face.
He hurries to the living room, balancing his lunch using both hands,
And turns on the television, and engages himself in flights of fancy,
Then she brings him another before he finishes the first, to fulfill his unsounded demands,
To fill this boy, who one day a stick for her bent will be.
Look at her eyes, she adores this young boy, so content with life,so happy;
And I love you too Ma,
And your chapati and sabji.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianness'


  • Beautiful Lil poetry by Kamei junior…Keep writing 👍👍

    Leema Saikia
  • That’s my boy

  • The best poetry ever read

    Mala Trotman
  • How gloriously you have captured the essence of an Indian household! Enthralling!

    Pragya S
  • Beautiful! Take an “awww” for this one!❤️

    Mayank Pratap

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