Lavanya Desiraju

Here I sit alone on the chair in my room

Unable to understand what’s going on

A moment of joy suddenly turns into tears

And that of anger into love

Not accepting the glorious mess I am

I forced myself to be like everyone

I know my life will not be easy

For I dream and believe in myself

I know life is tough, but I will answer

Because better it knows, I too am

Life wouldn’t be fun

Without these skipping emotions

Contentment is what I want, not happiness

For I know later isn’t attainable and former is enough too

Like the river surely flows to the sea

I too shall reach my goal;

Till the moment of death there will be struggle

And that struggle overflowing with pain

Will end certainly in sweet joy and begin new one

That bittersweet experience

Is what keeps life going

My standby has no end line

But I console myself saying,“ Great things take time.” 


  • Thank you sai teja.. motivated.. ?

  • That’s really awesome poem lavanya.
    Hats off to the last lines of the poem where the beauty of the poem lies
    I am really impressed.

    Sai teja
  • thanks a lot sir..

    Lavanya Desiraju
  • wow
    awesome lavanya
    superb poetry

  • Thanks a ton .. this means a lot

  • “Not accepting the glorious mess I am” There is such beauty in that line. Almost romantic. Great job!

  • Its very nice
    Everyone go through this but they do’t know express as you


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