Khushboo Kumary

And then..

The bones on her collar started doing all the things it could to my flesh.

I held her hands and looked into her lustful eyes which in no time led me to her desires then to her soul.

And then, that chameleon was leading me. 

I turned into her,she kept changing colours and so did I.

I disentangled her each vein, I could feel how much she wanted the blood to flow in them.

Every inch of my skin was etched with the goosebumps on her skin.

Her flesh was softer than the petals of mountain lily.

Her bones had the juice of life, and I overflew of immortality that night.

We took turns to be breathless, then rushed life into each other with  our tongues.

Wind blew and made love to the ocean salt.

Moon couldn’t take it’s eyes off her neck bones and stayed there forever.

Every love child was born that night.

She took me,she took the moon and  she took everyone who saw her that night.

And I swear on the existence of Eve, no one could be the same ever again.

Her body trembled, the chameleon turned into rainbow.

It was Morning, but I was drunk.

I was drunk in every inch of her body, her tresses, her scent of heaven.

Then with her eyes closed, half awake, the only words she spoke were 

‘come to me,

again my love, 

if you could see the colour of my soul and could take your hands off my conscience, or else play with my skin,


And damn you Adem! Damn you human! 

I lost her.

I lost you, My Chameleon.


  • So beautifully written! Your words are magic…

    Paige Montey
  • I think your poem is wonderful! My favorite part was, “We took turns to be breathless”- Wow. ❤


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