Chai And ParleG

By Pragnya Paramita
Chai being the heartthrob of 
My constantly ridiculed heart
I, an Indian, love it with Parle-G
And Brittania Rusk.
Detesting elaichi, but only in 
A plate full of smoking hyderabadi biryani,
If you ask me, an Indian, what triggers me, I'd say this!
If I don't slurp that one spoon
Of 'dahi shakkar' from Ma's hand on doomsday
My anxieties increase ten fold!
Be it touching random relatives' feet or smiling at uncles and aunts at wedding parties
With a kind of trained patronising smile, yes
I'm an Indian!
Be it Diwali, Eid or Christmas 
Equally loving sewaiyan, motichoor ke laddoo and plum cake is our highlight!
Be it acting a bit weird amongst firangis and shouting 
"HELLO! BONJOUR!" to them in a one hundred and one percent wrong accent or wearing kurtas with jeans, yes I'm an Indian!
Yes, I'm way more than just Slumdog Millionaire
Or saints floating in air, or just elephants!
We are love and hate, happiness and sadness,a thousand colours yes!
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • A masterpiece with a true defination of INDIAN ❤️

  • Loved the poem and the tittle 😍

    Ashi Bansal
  • You never disappoint :)
    Great work🙌

    Priyank Dobriyal
  • So captivating❤️

    Apoorva Thapliyal
  • What an amazing poetry… Please carry on writing this masterpiece and I really appreciate your art of writing. ♥️

    Vandana lal
  • Your unique knack of giving a poetic charm to ‘Indianess’ is magnificent 😍

  • Great work 😍

    Ritika singh
  • Great writing!

  • Excellent

    Twinkle Banik
  • Awesome writing😃💕

  • Amazing 👌🙌😍

    Saaraa Mohanty
  • Amazing 👌🙌😍

    Saaraa Mohanty

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