Can we get all we yearn for?

In the wrath and fury of their minds
My countrymen remain outraged today,
Not a single peaceful second do we seek,
All that runs in our veins, is nothing but evil and fray.
We agathokakological people, turn our houses into pandemoniums,
We irrevocably defenestrate our peace,
I hope someday we can live in peaceful solitude,
And that every conflict going on would cease.
It's preferably better to remain taciturn,
Than to be altruistic to an inconsequential cause,
It's rather better to confine our happiness to ourselves,
Than to spread hilarity about all our flaws.
Why are we so considerate to vanquish our peace?
Is the tranquility we share, puerile and atrocious?
Isn't that flawless bliss what we actually crave for?
Our happiness, confined to a speck, whereas our hatred, anger and jealousy, we express in copious!
We today, wane our zest in the conquest in search for true Euphoria and peace,
Yet we remain apprehensive and edgy to walk on those right footprints, we crave.
We lavishly exultate about our undoings,
Walking perhaps nearer to an open grave.
Can we please have prolonged peace in our heart's,
Can we get all we yearn for? Love and peace from hate?
As we commence this new decade, I pray,
All that causes an ado, conflict or violence would immediately abate.

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