Sai Kiran Kar

'i' is an image
an identity for people to recognise
a definite personality as we know
for some though
'i' is a cage

a cage of certain feet and inches
weighing few kilos and grams
a cage that restricts them
within duties of the mortals
with code of conducts and morals
a cage chained with family legacy
a cage bound to parent's entity

inside resides a consciousness
frustrated of being told what to do
how to react when to keep quiet
and in between the lines how to live
a life meant for their own decisions

slowly the consciousness drowns
every day a bit into
monotonous routines
and unwanted schedules
classrooms and assignments
hopes and expectations
following the dream clouds
of a different world that
they were never meant to be
it forgets its own boundaries and limitations

alone coping with insecurities and disappointments
feeling the need to escape
something immediate and distant
it starts to rebel on its own
from ignoring to denial
it becomes cocky and grumpy

caring for everyone's perceptions
it decides to have a hidden identity
living by everything what once was denied to
it gives in to its darkest desires
taking the step into the forbidden corner
falling step down the abyss

It finds its escape in puffs and sips
Drugs help it release
Feeling the fake liberty
It believes in making its presence
Drowning in THC and dopamine
It finally gets its relief
As the access to elixir of existence
It believes it as relief
In the drowning edge of sanity
A fleeting moment of peace
The escape becomes a necessity
Occasional becomes regularity

Unknowingly breaking beliefs and promises
Hurting relations and hopes
Distancing from the reality
It starts corroding the cage
And self-destructing own entity.

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