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Bygone days

Riyansha Shahare
The days are gone when we did not need any reason to smile
We could seek happiness easily from every little thing within a while
No responsibility, no worry, no stress
Only a dreamy life with full of blithness 
No goal to achieve, no task to accomplish 
Only living life to the fullest without any anguish
This world of anger, jealousy, disputes and disturbance 
made me realize that childhood is really pure, mild feeling of innocence 
Can I get back that Mumma's lap to sleep and remove all my apprehension
Can I sit again on Papa's arm to fizzle out my whole debilitation
I wonder if I could get back to childhood which was my golden moments 
Life would be so easy and brimful with amusement. 


  • So nice really old memories fresh with your words……..

    narenrdra meshram
  • Awesome😘😘

  • Just loved it 😘😘😘😍

  • Really good!


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