Burst - In To The Dusk Universe

Lost into the dust of my hand 
I saw a huge ball known as Universe 
Created by god, as i found bible in the church , that apple fall
But concoction of human beings demolished that all
Scientist, a man who secluded earth from our universe
In a verse i saw a little ball known as Earth 
frangled with greenry ,humanity ,birds and mirth 
Discreted into parts i saw mountains and hills
I saw cracked lines on earth known as nation 
A globe with blue - green spots and lines 
Those countries just have psychological boundaries 
Disjuction thonself through paronama and facades
Continents and countries are now apart
I saw bordered states in my country India
Geographically detached into four portions 
 East west north south
Secluded through tradition and culture 
Evolving thier portions and destroying nature
I saw many detached lines known as states
From 28 to 29 aparting ,departing 
states into small cities and towns 
Isolated humanity into shelters i found.......
I saw cities and towns scattered by people 
In the name of race, caste , religion and facades......
Now I saw a new vision 
I saw cracked balls destroy
Continents and Countries like Helen of Troy
No more universe and bound lands
But cracked lines on my hands......
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 

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