Burned Away in the Flames

Aparajita Vaid

Though this is all for you,
don't want to hide the truth that
you pushed me away every time
I looked to you.

You loved me the way
stars love their darkness.
you needed it , but
couldn't own up.
because of that internal feud.

You never realized the
flames you gave me.
i was fighting them,
pushing them away.

But they held on like i did.
and caught up like,
my worst nightmare.

You chose the easiest way out,
you let go of it.
all of it.

It burned in the flames you created.
and with the hope, the feeling too
burned away.

The ashes smell obnoxious,
bringing me back to you.
and i still wish sometimes that
my thought crosses your mind.

I despise you now my love,
reluctantly though.
because you made me
vulnerable and frantic
in a go!


  • So well written! Would love to read more of your work.

    Anupama Vaid
  • Well done 👍


  • Keep writting!!! ur poems are awesome dearest senior..❤👌👏

    Niharika Sachdeva

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