Broken - Beautiful, not Brittle.


Even the love that gives you life will be heavy to carry 
Even the warmth that kept you from shivering to staticity will drench you in coldness 
The constructs that nurtured you into shape and framed you with identity will slap you down to pieces of nothing 
The connections you formed that were tensile enough in moments of turmoil will choke you to suffocation 
Then, my love only you will remain, on your own, with your self :) 
Find the balance between the actions and the consequences, the choices and repurcussions, the people and expectations, the love and loneliness, the self and all, the desires and restrictions, the flights and falls 
That little line in between, will untie the knot, and a smile will spread, no matter how slippery it might seem :')
Each moment is a fight but so is each cell in you a fighter!

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  • Silence and pain ……true and real ….I loved it


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